Beginners Beekeeping Class

Big T’s Honeybee Farm is having the first Beginners Beekeeping Class of the year on December 16th, 2017 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm with an hour off for lunch. Cost is $50.00 for the first person, $40.00 for each additional person. Topics include: biology and life cycle of the honeybee colony, basic equipment to get started, installing bees, feeding bees, inspecting a hive, managing a colony throughout the year, harvesting honey, pests and diseases, and preparing for winter.

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For the Beginner Beekeeper, A Deluxe Starter Hive is just what you need to  meet Your Budget for Starting your Journey into Beekeeping this Spring!!

Expanded View of a Deluxe Starter Hive 10-frame deluxe $190.00 8-frame deluxe $172.00

Expanded View of a Deluxe Starter Hive
10-frame deluxe $190.00
8-frame deluxe $172.00

The top 2 boxes are Honey Supers which are included in the deluxe package for use later on when the 2 brood boxes are full of bees and honey. Next is the Heavy Duty Telescoping Cover, followed by the Empty Deep Super to cover the Feeder Tray. Next is the Deluxe Inner Cover which is used to support the feeder when in use, and used for ventilation on top of the honey supers. The next 2 boxes are the Deep Brood Supers which form the brood chamber. Here the queen lays eggs and the brood is raised to populate the colony. Last is the IPM Screened Bottom Board and Entrance Reducer. 

If you are planning to purchse a nuc to start your hive, you will not need 5 of the frames from a deep super. I will discount the price by $12.50, and leave out 5 frames in one of the deep supers.


I’m looking for a good frame of larvae to graft from. Now comes the real test: to see if the bees make queens out of them!